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Welcome! The “I Know You By Heart” is a global philanthropic blog .

You will view news and information about goodwill, the environment and

animal protection.


This video features Otters and other Wildlife

St. Peter’s Basilica became a video screen for an ecology December 8, 2015

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Now I Want to share these quotes from Peter Kassig’s Mom

“One Person Can Make A Difference”

“The World Is Broken But It Will Heal In the End”

“And Good Will Prevail As The One GOD Of Many Names Will Prevail” 

The “I Know You By Heart” blog is dedicated to the following Journalists, International Humanitarian Workers and ISIS Hostages.

James Foley

Steven Sotloff

David Haines

Hervé Gourdel

Alan Henning

Peter Kassig

Kenji Goto

Haruna Yukawa

Moath al-Kasasbeh

Kayla Jean Mueller


They were killed in the Middle East (2014) saving lives. 

Journalists and Humanitarian works are members of the world family. Reporters and Humanitarians working in war zones are consider civilians, this international humanitarian law must be respected.

Our thoughts and prayers are also with all remaining (global) hostages

and their families.

Please release them and provide safe passage home immediately. Love Shelley


This National Geographic magazine cover, showing a young member of the Kayapo tribe in the Amazon, was among those honored with a National Magazine Award for best photography.